Gums of Steel - Advanced Oral Systemic Screening Plus the Future of Dentistry!

Dr. Brad Bale says if he could only get one test on a patient to screen for heart disease and stroke risk, it would be the CIMT! I’ve previously done CIMT testing in my dental office but I’ve had to hire outside experts to bring in the expensive equipment and do the elaborate testing.

All that has changed now with the new high tech easy-to-learn ultrasound scanners that feed their images to an iPad.

I own and use a wireless CIMT scanner and I’m screening for dangerous arterial plaques and discovering arterial inflammation by measuring artery wall thickness!

You can be trained in my office with one class and the unit that I use can be affordably leased for $150/month.  The life saving image that I captured below has gotten rave reviews by MD’s and CEO sonologists! Anyone can do this!!

Those fatty plaques have almost caused complete blockage (stenosis) where the common carotid branches off to the internal carotid that serves the brain! This woman is in danger and sadly she didn’t have a clue! Now there will be dentists, hygienists, and auxiliary personnel using this technology and saving lives in the dental clinic and in public presentations as well. The high-risk periodontal pathogens are causative of this atherosclerosis and we must screen for this deadly risk. I envision a day when all dental offices will routinely screen carotids for the #1 disease that has been killing all of us for over 100 years.

Somebody has to do this because the medical groups aren’t doing it! Let’s save some lives and truly bridge the gap between dentists and medicine with this technology! We will turn modern medicine upside down by identifying risks that they are ignoring. Ask Dr. Brad Bale! Or listen to me sum it up with plain talk in only seven minutes in this video.

My presentation on dentistry’s future will open the day on Friday it is guaranteed to blow your mind! We will also go over the latest tests that I use in my office and in public presentations. They include OralDNA for saliva pathogens, HeartSmart A1C & C Reactive Protein to identify systemic inflammation, laser biophotonic nutritional scanning, and our latest addition, the InBody 570 body composition analyzer which identifies the deadly visceral fat.

All taking place in my office at 6418 Normandy Lane, Ste. 220, Madison, WI 53719

You have to see it to believe it! Join me for our next event!

I have exciting news to report!

Gums of Steel - A lesion found on one of our audience members
At our last event, the lifesaving reality of what we are doing became all too clear.

Yes we were all shocked when we found a very significant atherosclerotic lesion (circled in red on the picture left) on one of our attendees!

This is going to be the biggest life saving movement in dentistry and YOU will be at the forefront!

Technology allows us now to identify potentially life-threatening conditions in the dental office. We now know that the 5 high-risk periodontal disease pathogens are causative of atherosclerosis. Our profession is responsible for a head and neck exam. As part of a head and neck exam, every dental office could be screening the carotids and looking for atherosclerosis. We already check the nodes of the neck for cancer, so why stop there? Technology that used to cost $150,000 is now available for a little more than a few thousand and you can read these images on your iPad with a free app.

Doesn’t this seem like the perfect bridge between medical and dental?


Well, it is!

Here’s what our attendees had to say:

First of all, 100% of our attendees who trained with us noted on their surveys that they received a proper introduction to the CIMT scanner that would allow them to be able to use it now and practice with it on their own! Like with anything in life, the more you use it, the more skilled you become.

“I liked the discussion of the future of dentistry the most, however I liked everything. The ultrasound topic was probably the most helpful. I had hoped to take away a new enthusiasm for changing dentistry and I was very satisfied on every level.” -William Nordquist DMD

“I liked the creative thinking the most. Always something wild with Chris!” -Bill Domb DDS

“I believe in Dr. Kammer and support his vision and appreciate his creativity and passion for Oral/Systemic health without fear of disrupting the status quo. Applicable information to apply to my own life/health. This new progressive movement will be a health game changer! 
-Erica Olsen RDH

Every new and improved way starts with a small group of motivated, visionary, open-minded curious individuals who form a team to do great things. This is exactly what Kammer has started. Again!! -Craig Backs MD

Join this new wave of oral systemic care that offers a more powerful communication with the MD’s. When they see the plaques in arteries that we have been finding, they are forced to take action! We are disrupting the “old guard” of medical care by giving patients information they previously didn’t have. They now have a better chance to fight for their lives and demand the care they deserve.

June 14-15, 2019 | Middleton, Wisconsin