Healthy Gums Overview for Patients

As a patient, you deserve nothing less but the best in total dental health care. That should be an expectation of every dentist who provides every patient treatment. Some patients like yourself may have suffered from bad dental experiences. Just ask someone else who may have had a bad experience with a dentist. This is too far and common in the profession.

Patients deserve the whole truth when it comes to the state of their dental health. Like the old saying is do the patient no harm. However, some dentists have violated this sacred oath that many in the health care community follow. There are no doubt very good dentists in the profession. However, there are a small number of dentists who give the profession a bad name. Some dentists are not as proactive about treating bleeding gums. This has led to some dentists being successfully sued in court and forced out of the profession.

Questions for your Dentist

When you go see the dentist next time, ask them these following questions:

  • What are your standards on treating gum disease? What is the severity to refer someone into a treatment protocol?
  • Can the dentist guarantee that they do not do prophylaxis on bleeding gums?
  • What is their protocol or strategy to treat gum disease?
  • Why did my previous dentist not tell me about this?
  • If you find bleeding gums, what is your procedure?

Characteristics of a Great Dentist

Asking these questions will immediately give you the sense if your dentist is truly looking out for your best interests. If your dentist is not looking for your best interests, you should find a new dentist. The characteristics of a great dentist are:

  • Transparent with their dealings
  • Clearly communicate treatment options.
  • Allow for an open dialogue when issues arise.
  • Spend their time learning the newest procedures.
  • Fulfilling their obligations as mandated by their state dental licensing boards.

If you believe you have a great relationship with your dentist, then we encourage you to have a honest conversation about oral systemic health. Your willingness to talk to your dentist will help change the dental profession for the better and demand dentists to provide better services or go out of business.