Get Started with Gums of Steel

Getting Started with Gums of Steel: Next Steps

Congratulations on taking this important step for your dental office in implementing Gums of Steel.

The next step is to call Mary at 608-318-3468 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Chris Kammer. Dr. Kammer will be more than happy to discuss how Gums of Steel can work for your practice.

If Gums of Steel is a fit for your office, the Gums of Steel program is $2,495. This includes:

  • The written treatment protocol which includes step by step diagnosis, treatment planning, verbal phone scripts, home care, and continuing care.
  • Team training audio and video webinars:
    • The Gums of Steel Hygiene Transformation Webinar
    • Getting Your Team on Board with Gums of Steel
    • The Gums of Steel in-office protocol
    • Saliva testing for periodontal disease
    • Xylitol 101 webinar
    • Oral cancer screenings 101
  • A full year of coaching and mentoring from Dr. Chris Kammer. This answers many of your questions covering every aspect of your transformation of the hygiene department.
  • Media training to communicate the message of whole health dentistry. You will learn Dr. Kammer’s best media clips and press releases to get your message in the press.
  • Dental marketing support: We will help your office with marketing the whole health approach to your patients.
  • Dental nutrition support: Your office will learn more about how dental health can be impacted by nutrition.

Custom Videos for your Office

Gums of Steel also offers custom made videos for your office. The topics are endless. Our video products benefit your office by:

  • Helping your staff focus more on patient care and not answering the same old questions on the phone
  • Getting your office to be greener by not wasting paper printing out informational handouts
  • Motivating even the most skeptical patients by answering 90 percent of the most common questions

All videos are professionally produced and edited. Offices can use the videos for:

  • Playing in your waiting room
  • Promoting the procedure on your website
  • Advertising on Facebook or Twitter
  • Infomercials on local cable access television

Video packages start as low as $999. Call us today to inquire about our other video packages that include:

  • Tack drives with raw video and presentation files
  • Continual playback DVD’s for your office
  • Assistance with placing advertisements on Facebook and Twitter