Introduction to Gums of Steel


Gums of Steel was created by Dr. Chris Kammer to address the issue of untreated early stage gum disease in the United States. The United States Surgeon General’s office has reported that at least 80 percent of this nation’s population have some form of gum disease.

Some dentists think that bleeding gums are normal and often leave the problem untreated. Gums of Steel is a treatment protocol for your office that is designed to treat gum disease at its earlier stages without the need for additional medical procedures or surgery.

The focus on early stage treatment can help your practice get gum disease under control for your patients. The early stage treatment is focused on scaling, root planing, and antibiotic treatment. This is the proper way to treat gum disease in the early stages.

Some dentists use cleaning treatments meant for healthy gums on patients that bleed. This is not only wrong, but opens the door to potential medical malpractice. As more research finds that gum disease can affect pregnancy and lead to some cancers, dentistry has an opportunity to save lives.

The protocol involves an increased treatment regimen for patients that will not only help address the issue of gum disease, but help your practice become more profitable.

We encourage you to continue reviewing our website. If you are ready to become a leader in dental health for your community, please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss more about Gums of Steel and work on every step in introducing and implementing the protocol.